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Capital Assistance

Entering Ministry: Admission from Another Denomination

Entering Ministry: Designated Lay Ministry

Interim Ministry

Pastoral Relations

Entering Ministry

Financial Assistance

Grant Applications

Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

  • PAR Authorization Form (62.57 KBPre-Authorized Remittance agreement for new donors and changes to existing banking information.
  • PAR Cancellation Notice (70.93 KBForm for treasurers to fill in and keep when a donor wants to cancel PAR. This ensures written agreement between the local church and donors.
  • PAR Changes/Information Sheet (25.12 KBA form for congregations to make changes or additions to their PAR contributions.
  • PAR Confirmation Letter (18.54 KBFor treasurers to confirm new PAR registrations or new banking changes with donors. This form is for local churches to keep, ensuring written agreement between the local church and donors.
  • PAR Loan Authorization Form (75.33 KBA form to set up automatic debit repayments for a capital assistance loan.


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